Learning about your goals and objectives means more to Equasar than reading a mission statement. It means open communication, right from the start. We understand the web. Our website strategy and user experience design process will help you to clarify and refine your business goals and your online marketing requirements. We do this together by accurately determining:


-Who your audience is
-What they want
-When they want it
-Where they search for it
-How they view it
-Why they would choose you over your competitors

How do we obtain all this great information? We use a four-step Strategic Planning process to develop a blue print from which all creative, development, and marketing tasks can be executed and measured.

Equasar knows that interface design, typography, and illustration cannot succeed without an exceptional user experience. Our user-centered interfaces work hand-in-hand with your vision, user needs, and our cutting-edge technology to provide exceptional results. We do this by focusing on:
-Usage-centric requirements gathering
-Information architecture
-Heuristic site audits
-Usability and peer reviews
By constantly reviewing your site and how it is being used—before, during, and after design—we help ensure that your website is offering users the best experience possible. This, in turn, helps ensure that your business will continue to grow and evolve to meet your user’s needs.




A brand is so much more than a logo. It captures everything about your business and how it is perceived. Your branding is the essence of your enterprise, its heart and soul. When executed the right way – informed by a clever branding strategy – it touches every individual your business comes into contact with. From business cards to brochure to billboard, every item of collateral your brand agency creates on your behalf builds an overall impression of your business.


The business of brand strategy is part science, part psychology and part artistry. So lucrative is effective branding in today’s market that it can evoke powerful emotion and heavily influence buyer behaviour. To experience the power of branding in action, consider some of the world’s behemoth brands – we’re talking Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola. Sure the products are good, but billion dollar businesses aren’t built on word of mouth alone. No matter how amazing they are, phones, shoes and soft drink can only do so much. Branding makes them household names. And what’s behind branding? Clever branding strategy and a well-oiled process for rolling it out.

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Our web development and design agency doesn’t just create pretty websites and write code. We provide strategically crafted solutions that power the success of your online marketing and sales.Our distinguished team of hipsters and geeks immerse themselves in strategy, design, and technology to create highly integrated, easy-to-use, flexible web solutions that give you a clear strategic advantage.
We develop unique custom websites that help your business:


-Increase traffic and leads
-Engage potential prospects
-Reduce development & maintenance costs
-Improve your marketing efforts

This team approach doesn’t only apply to design. Our team also works closely with you to determine infrastructure and site requirements.
By using open source content management system, we can quickly and easily add existing or create custom modules to make each
website specialized and unique. We will work with your team to determine your organization’s needs, including themes, content types,
search features, interactive features, administrative features and more.


Immersive Experiences on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Build for the mobile-centric web or transform your business to fit in with the modern cross-platform reality with Equasar. Drawing upon extensive UI/UX design and front-end development expertise, we deliver rich web app experiences that are a hit with end users:

-Rich-functionality, elegant and visually compelling HTML5/JavaScript applications that work natively great on mobile and tablet devices.
-Modernization and mobilization of existing web interfaces, integration layers for mobilization of legacy web systems.

We Do not Just Build Apps. We Craft Top-Notch Mobile Experiences
With Equasar, you provide your external and internal users with sleek, productive and easy-to-use mobile solutions and they pay you back with increased loyalty and real-world engagement. To secure coverage of all dimensions of the solution’s quality, we primarily focus on:


User Experience Design

Whether you pursue to build emotional connection, a “quiet” design or a “wow effect” user interface, Equasar got experts on board with the skills required to create the exceptional mobile experience you are looking for.

Cross-Platform Coverage

We deliver across all the popular mobile platforms and mobile-enabled technologies along with assisting companies with their mobile app delivery strategies to assure most optimal coverage of all target audiences.

Scalability & Interoperability

The application designs we create incorporate scalability and interoperability considerations from the outset, leaving room for the never ceasing technological advancements to augment value of your app at any point in the future.

Security & Compliance

Every project demands its own set of security and compliance considerations, and some are exceptionally demanding. At Equasar, we address enhanced or industry-specific security requirements and business continuity standards from project’s day one.

Accelerated Delivery

To swiftly accommodate changes in consumer demands, Equasar applies DevOps and continuous value delivery practices for rapid functionality delivery and accelerated product launch while securing first-class solution quality and performance.